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Enjoy shopping our Frogman and Other Fine Artists Online Gallery. You will find value through direct Artist Pricing. To protect the value of your Frogman sculpture, “Frogman” does not allow any gallery or website to sell Frogman artwork at a lower price than the Artist Price you will find here. You will also find Value through our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I am proud of the beauty and fine craftsmanship of Tim Cotterill over sculptors, and I want my collectors to be pleased.

You can purchase with Confidence and enjoy my online Gallery where I “Lisa Perkins” the owner, will answer every single phone call or email. Offering fine service and making this an awesome experience as you acquire a “Tim Cotterill” or one of our “Other Fine Artists” work. Frogman’s, R Frogs Gallery is an official website for Tim Cotterill, the artist known throughout the world as Frogman.

Tim Cotterill’s Frogman sculpture is famous for its elegance, beauty and style. Frogman, Tim Cotterill, has been sculpting bronze frogs, bronze koi and bronze geckos and birds for the last 24 years in Venice, California. His Frogman art is sold in Frogman galleries around the world of which we are in the top 5.

The size of the frog sculpture ranges from very small for his Gem Collection up to 12 feet tall for his bronze Frog Monument called Bamboo.

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